Emergency Procedures

Emergency Preparedness

What if you just found out about an emergency or disaster that is affecting our school? Your first response may be to phone the school or, if you couldn’t reach anyone at the school, to get in your car and go. BUT, this is not the right thing to do! Please read the bulletin below for detailed information about what to do in the event of an emergency.

In the event of an emergency, a full-scale Emergency Release protocol is in place. Parents are asked to bring ID and wait as we record the name of the parent picking up. If someone other than a parent comes to pick up a child, they must be on the Emergency Release section of Parent Connect. They will need to wait in line at a central release station, show ID, and then the child will be released to them. It is very important that all parents review the information currently on Parent Connect for each of their children. Please note that that your Emergency Contact is not the same as a designated Emergency Release. (You can find link Parent Connect under the Parent Community Menu)

For more information about DeltaPrepared, visit https://facilities.deltasd.bc.ca/deltaprepared/emergency-preparedness-resources/