Vision & Values

Mission Statement:

We at Brooke believe in a school where we can all reach for our best in a supportive environment. High expectations, respect and responsibility are valued. Brooke staff and parents strive to fulfill the educational needs of all students.

Brooke Elementary


Brooke is a learning community where everyone works together to provide for the
emotional, physical, social, and academic needs of its citizens. At Brooke…

Our Vision is that Children…

  • Feel safe and connected in their learning environment
  • Are respectful of others and themselves
  • Work together as a team and support each other
  • Appreciate and celebrate individuality
  • Strive to do their best and reach their goals
  • Take pride in their school

They are the Vision…

In order to Foster the Vision:


  • Are supportive and caring
  • Demonstrate respect for themselves and others
  • Work together towards common goals and philosophies
  • Foster a love of learning
  • Collaborate to meet curriculum goals
  • Accommodate various learning styles and backgrounds
  • Are progressive in curricula and technology
  • Encourage individuals to achieve their potential

They enact the Vision…


  • Support and promote change
  • Foster a team spirit among staff, students and parents
  • Promote a positive, happy environment where children are challenged, excited and motivated
  • Encourage individual learning styles
  • Take an active interest and participate
  • Create a comfortable and safe environment where children can develop their self-esteem and pride
  • Educate and promote respect for others regardless of differences
  • Communicate

They nurture the Vision…

Brooke…. A Great Place To Learn!