School Liaison Officer


The Delta School District works closely with the Delta Police. All schools have a designated School Liaison Officer.

Our School Liaison Officer is Constable Glen.  Constable Glen works closely with our students and presents safety and awareness lessons for all grades.

The Curriculum
Kindergarten  Safety Bear
Grade 1 Strangers and Safety Awareness
Grade 2 Strangers and Personal Safety
Grade 3 Teasing
Grade 4 Peer Pressure
Grade 5 Bullying and Fireworks
Grade 6 Internet Safety
Grade 7 Drug Education

The School Liaison Officers also work in partnership with the school administrators and outside agencies including ICBC, Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and Delta Youth Services to provide presentations to both youth and their parents. Presentations that have been provided to the community in recent years include forums on drinking and driving, drugs, bullying and youth violence.
By maintaining a balance of education and enforcement initiatives the school liaison officers continue to provide Delta students with a safe learning environment and the tools for success in life.

To contact Constable Glen, please contact the school office at 604.596.9554 and we will relay a message for you. In case of a need to report a non-emergency/suspicious behaviour, please contact the non-emergency Delta Police line at 604.946.4411. In case of an immediate emergency, always call 911.