Week of September 21-25

September Calendar:       

  • 22, 23, 24-Terry Fox Days @ Brooke   
  • 23-Parent-Teacher Conferences via telephone **2pm dismissal     
  • 24-Parent Teacher Conferences via telephone **2pm dismissal     
  • 25-Pro-D Day (Classes not in session)      
  • 30-Orange Shirt Day

October Calendar:   

  • 6-Individual Photo Day (9-12)   
  • 12-Thanksgiving Holiday (schools closed)   
  • 23-Pro D Day (Classes not in session)


As part of the District’s Safety Plan and COVID protocols, parents must sign into Parent Connect and complete the on line Health Check Form.  By signing off on this form you are confirming that you will go through the Daily COVID Symptom checklist each day before school and that you will not send your child to school if you have answered “yes”  to any of the questions. It’s a confirmation that you’ll do your part to help keep everyone at school safe and help prevent the spread of COVID by not sending your child to us if they are sick (and we thank you in advance!).                                                                                                             

TERRY FOX DAYS AT BROOKE                                                                                                   We will be celebrating the official Terry Fox Run by having three days of activities in classrooms learning about Terry Fox and taking part in runs and walks within our learning groups. While we will not be collecting money in our school this year, we have attached the link here where you can donate to The TerryFox Foundation online.    http://www.terryfox.ca/BrookeElementary 


Types of Allergies | AAFA.org We have a number students and staff who have serious allergies to food products, such as a variety of nuts. While the school is not nut-free, we are still asking families to be aware of these allergies by limiting nut products in student snacks and lunches. Students can also help by continuing to wash their hands after eating and by taking home any wrappers or containers that may contain these products. In addition to this, if your child is in a class with a student who has a severe allergy, you will receive a letter from the school outlining if certain food/products need to be avoided by students in the class in order to create a safe environment.

If your child has life-threatening allergies, please ensure you have informed the school and that you have provided the necessary paperwork and rescue medication (eg. Epi-Pen).

Thank you for your cooperation.  With your help, we can do our best to prevent a reaction and to make sure that all of our students are safe, healthy, and able to concentrate on learning. Anyone wishing further explanation or information on this type of allergy may contact the school.


If your child has any serious allergies or medical conditions, and/or needs to have access to medication such as an inhaler or epipen at school, please contact our school administrative assistant, Mrs. Werner at swerner@deltasd.bc.ca

Absentee Line.

Just a reminder, if your child will be absent please call in your child’s absence at 604-583-6668, and leave a message when prompted.


** The main office doors will remain LOCKED at all times to reduce the number of people entering the school. If parents need to speak to the secretary or administration, please knock on the door or call 604-583-6668 upon arrival to the school.** We will come out and meet you outside of the main doors of the school.Please ensure your child arrives to school on time so they can enter the building through their designated doors. Late students must knock on the office door and speak to the secretary to check in as a late arrival. Our older students will walk to their pod doors and younger students who arrive late will be allowed to walk to their class through the school.
Please ensure your child comes to school, ready for the day, RAIN or SHINE:• Clothing – Please send your child with proper clothing for all kids of weather, as we will spend time outdoors, including rainy days. This includes, rain boots, jackets, and umbrellas, if needed. Sunscreen should be applied at home. Only send sunscreen if your child is able to apply it independently (teachers will not be permitted to apply sunscreen to your child).You are also encouraged to send an extra set of clothes, in a sealed plastic bag, labelled with your child’s name. Food & Water – Please ensure your child brings sufficient water for the day (minimum, 2 full water bottles), as school water fountains have been turned off for safety.NO MID DAY LUNCH DROP OFF – Students must also bring their snacks and lunches with them in the morning as lunch drop offs at school should be avoided. Students will not be permitted to share food with one another (also, please do not send treats on your child’s birthday)

Parent-Teacher conferences will take place on September 23 & 24.
Please sign up for a telephone interview time with your child’s teacher on Parent Connect.   https://br.deltasd.bc.ca/parent-community/parent-connect/

Planners – any classes that are using planners will be asking parents to send $7 for the planner. Not all classes are using planners but those that are will use them as effective communication books, homework organizers and event reminders.

                                                                                                                         Please take a look at our staff list to find your child’s division and teacher’s name.


This school year, we are welcoming the following staff to our school:

  • Ms. Karara, our Grade 1/2 teacher
  • Ms. Edwards, our Grade 3/4 teacher
  • Mrs. Bailey, our Grade 4/5 teacher
  • Ms. Tseng, our Band teacher
  • Ms. Abraham, our UDL teacher
  • Ms. Mahoney, our Educational Assistant
  • Mr. Maharaj, our daytime custodian