Mid-May Information

May Long Weekend
A reminder that we are not in session (virtually or otherwise) on Friday, May 15th and Monday, May 18th.    This will be reflected with a shorter learning plan on these weeks.   We hope you enjoy the break from home learning as well, and take time to relax and recharge!



Class Placement Requests

Later in June, the teaching and administration staff will be working on the preliminary placement of students for our next year’s class compositions. Previous academic success, social dynamics, placement history, gender balance, and overall classroom dynamics are all components for consideration when we make up the classes. The ultimate goal is to place your child in a classroom in which she/he will flourish academically and socially.
If you know of circumstances of which you feel we should be aware when considering the placements, please forward your thoughts to Mrs. Harrison (not the classroom teacher) in writing to lharrison@deltasd.bc.ca by June 1st, 2020. This information will be shared with staff members and considered when the class lists are finally confirmed at the beginning of September.
• If you have a request to make, it must include educational reasons that explain how your child will benefit. Please do not request individual teachers.
• Remember that we have many considerations in placing students and cannot guarantee to meet your requests. Understandably, the final decisions for student placements are left to the school administration.

Are you moving?

We are now in the process of determining our student enrolment for the 2020/2021 school year. The number of students who will be returning in September, as well as anticipated new registrations during the summer, determines initial staffing. It is most important that you inform the school if you are not planning to return to Brooke in September. Your assistance will help us with the accuracy of our predictions for the upcoming school year and will make for a much smoother transition into our new classes in early September. Please email the school at brooke.elem.cims@deltasd.bc.ca