Information for Families Returning in June

May 30th, 2020 

Dear Brooke Families,

By now, everyone who said that their child was attending this week has been contacted by the classroom teacher with a schedule.  A reminder that the schedule for next week is fixed and we cannot add any students.  This week will be about connection and new routines.   A reminder that everyone needs to follow COVID-19 protocols, including the adults on school grounds.  We must model the routines and processes so students, staff and families stay safe. 

Arrival and Dismissal:

  • Please arrive on time (not too early, not too late) for your child’s scheduled arrival and dismissal.
  • Parents, if you are accompanying your children to school, please ensure you are also practicing social distancing.
  • There are physical distancing markers to stand on when each division enters and exits the building. 
  • Parents will not be able to come into the school, as access to the building will be restricted to students and staff. If you require assistance, please call the office.
  • You must assess how your child is feeling daily before coming to school. If there are any signs of illness (cold, flu, fever, illness etc.) Please keep your child home and let us know at the office.  This will be the same for the staff.  If your child is ill at school, he/she will be sent home. 
  • Please let your child’s teacher/school know ahead of time if your child suffers from seasonal allergies – we may need to send your child home depending on the symptoms/severity.


  • All lunches must be packed in your child’s backpack ahead of time, including enough water for the day, as fountains and refill stations are turned off.  
  • Pack it in, pack it out – All garbage will need to be taken home – you may wish to give your child a small bag to put his/her wrappers and garbage in.  

Picking up Supplies:

After the first week in June, we will be sending out a plan for picking up supplies for those who are continuing with remote learning.  We will send out more information once a plan is finalized. 

Excited to see Children in the School:

Teachers are planning lessons to welcome children back.  It will be good for children to see teachers and it will be good for teachers to see students.  These are challenging times and school will not be the same, but the love and care for children are still steadfast and we look forward to seeing those returning to school next week.   A reminder that this will not be forever, and we look forward to the day where all of us are able to gather together without restrictions.  We must do our part so that this may happen one day.  


Mrs. L. Harrison & the Brooke Staff