Favourite Memories of Learning at Home

Favourite Memories of Learning at Home:

  As we come to the end of a very different school year, we would like you to reflect on how you may have grown as a family, and how you have been able to work with your child to further their learning. What is your favourite at-home learning adventure?

Have you been able to:

  • do some cooking or baking?
  • go on a hike or a walk outside?
  • do some gardening?
  • spend time reading?
  • start a new hobby?
  • work on a project?

If you have a photo or can draw a picture of your favourite at-home learning adventure , please send it to
lharrison@deltasd.bc.ca, and I will upload it to the website as Memory of 2020!



I loved doing guided drawing!

Hunting for Waterfalls

Arts & Crafts