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  • Owls 6

    Visual Arts with Joanne Howard - January 2012

    We have been enjoying a fabulous week with artist Joanne Howard. Classes have explored various mediums from pastels and watercolours to clay.

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  • Carnival 5

    School Carnival

    On Wednesday, June 22, we all enjoyed a wonderful evening of fun at our school carnival. Thanks to the generosity of our parents and community, just over $2700 was raised by our PAC. We all had fun making memories with family and friends.

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  • Cultural Assemblies

    Each year we bring in a few cultural groups to present to our students. In 2011/12 we have three groups booked. Our first group is "Dancers of Damelahamid". They are an inter-generational, Aboriginal dance company. Their performance, Dancing Our Stories", shares story, song and dance of both their two distinct Gitksan and Cree ancestries. We will add to this gallery as our remaining two presentations take place.

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  • Fun Day 28

    Fun Day 2011 - A Royal Ruckus!

    On Friday, June 17th the staff, students and parents came together to celebrate "A Royal Ruckus"! The day began with our Primary students Hat parade followed by Buddy relays and then Station activities. The grade seven students did a fabulous job setting up, running the stations and even with the clean-up. Thanks to a few hard-working parent volunteers, there was a small concession and our pizza lunch was greatly enjoyed by all.

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  • Reading Link Challenge 5

    Reading Link Challenge

    Grade 4 and 5 students participated in Reading Link Challenge (sponsored by the George Mackie Library). Students have been reading the selected books and practicing for the challenges where teams try to answer as many questions about the books as they can. Thanks to Miss Choy (our Teacher-Librarian) and Mrs. Sowerby (Grade 4/5 teacher) three teams went head-to-head to compete to represent our school at the North Delta regional challenge.

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  • Hockey Day 39

    Hockey Day at Brooke

    On Friday, February 11th, our school celebrated Hockey Day. We had continuous hockey games in our parking lot, undercover area, blacktop area at the back and in the Gym. Each class participated and students wore homemade (paper) hockey helmets. These were decorated with hockey emblems and personal messages.

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  • Kids on Wheels 20

    Kids on Wheels

    In February all of our classes enjoyed roller-blading lessons in our Gymnasium. Here are a few photos taken throughout the week.

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