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If there are extreme weather conditions and the district decides to close our school or all Delta schools, the decision will be made by 7:00 a.m. and the closure will be announced on all local radio stations.  We do not announce that schools are open. 

Message from the Principal - Mrs. B. Nelmes

Welcome to our school's website.  I hope you find the information posted both releveant and helpful.  The Staff and I are looking forward to a very successful learning experience for all students this year.



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Principal's Message - Mrs. B. Nelmes 

Welcome to Brooke Elementary School's website.  We hope you will learn more about us and find the posted information interesting and informative.  We are still working to create a website that keeps our school community members informed and entertained.  Newsletters are posted on Thursday or Friday each week. If you have ideas for our website, please contact me at the school.

 As the Principal of Brooke Elementary, I will continue to work alongside the staff to focus on meeting the unique needs of our students.  My aim is to involve parents in this important venture.  As we are further developing our working relationships and plan for student success it is important to keep in mind the following fundamental principles of our public school system:

  • Learning requires active participation.
  • People learn in a variety of ways and at different rates.
  • Learning is both an individual and a group process.


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